March 19, 2024

Taking Cues: 5 Signs Your Baby Is Ready For Weaning

Taking Cues: 5 Signs Your Baby Is Ready For Weaning

Introducing solid foods to your baby is a significant milestone in their development, marking the transition from exclusive reliance on breast milk or formula to incorporating a variety of new tastes and textures into their diet. This process is known as weaning.

However, determining the right time to start weaning can be a daunting task for many parents. Understanding the signs that indicate your baby is ready for this transition is crucial in ensuring a smooth and successful introduction to solids.

Here are five key signs to look out for:

1. Age and developmental milestones

Paediatricians generally recommend starting the weaning process between four to six months of age. By this time, most babies have developed the necessary skills required for weaning, such as the ability to sit up and hold their heads steady. Waiting until this age also ensures that your baby's digestive system is mature enough to handle solid foods.

2. Loss of tongue thrust reflex

Infants possess an innate reflex known as the tongue thrust reflex, prompting them to push food out of their mouth using their tongue. As they mature, this reflex diminishes, making it easier for them to swallow solid foods. You can test this reflex by offering a small spoonful of pureed food to your baby. If they can swallow it without pushing it out with their tongue, they may be ready to start weaning.

3. Increased appetite and hunger cues

As your baby grows, their nutritional needs evolve, and they may start to show signs of increased appetite. If you notice that your baby is becoming hungrier between meals or is showing interest in feeding more frequently, it could be a sign that they're ready for additional nourishment from solid foods.
Watch for hunger cues such as sucking on fists, rooting, or becoming restless during feedings. These cues indicate that your baby is ready to explore new food options to satisfy their growing appetite.

4. Ability to chew and swallow

Before introducing solid foods, it's essential to ensure that your baby has the necessary oral motor skills to chew and swallow safely. While they may not have teeth yet, babies can still mash and chew soft foods with their gums. Look for signs that your baby can move food to the back of their mouth and swallow it effectively, such as coordinated tongue movements and minimal gagging.

Start with smooth purees or mashed foods to help your baby transition from sucking to chewing. Gradually increase the texture of foods as your baby becomes more adept at chewing and swallowing.

5. Curiosity and engagement

Babies are naturally curious and eager to explore their environment, including different foods. Pay attention to your baby's reactions during mealtimes. If they show interest in watching you eat, reach out to touch, or grab food, or open their mouth when offered a spoon, it indicates that they're curious about solid foods and may be ready to start weaning.

Encourage this curiosity by offering a variety of flavours and textures. Allow your baby to touch and explore different foods with their hands, fostering a positive relationship with food from an early age.


Recognising the signs that your baby is ready for weaning is an essential step in their journey toward exploring solid foods and establishing healthy eating habits. By paying attention to developmental milestones, hunger cues, and oral motor skills, you can ensure a smooth and successful transition to solids.

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