Shipping Timeline
Given the fact that our products are chilled, we take the upmost care to preserve our products quality, integrity, and freshness. Therefore, as a result, we do not do deliveries over the weekend. Orders placed will be delivered the next working day, Monday-Friday between 12-6pm.

Shipping Locations
We provide standard shipping island wide.

Cancellations and Order Changes
All purchases are final. Once an order has been packed/prepared/shipped, no cancellations or modifications are possible. Similarly, if you wish to add to your order, Taleii reserves the right to treat any additions as a second order incurring additional shipping charges.

Changes to Your Subscription
Taleii offers a subscription purchasing model for your convenience. When you create a customised subscription (via the Build Your Box page) on our website, you can select any combination of available blends (for a total of 24 pouches), select how often you would like your subscription to renew (every 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks), and set up automatic recurring payments. In between subscription cycles you may modify these selections at any time before your next charge, pause your subscription, or cancel it. Please note subscriptions are locked for editing one day before your next renewal. You will also get an email 3 days before your next charge date as a reminder. On occasion, Taleii may make modifications to your custom subscription based on product availability.

Expiration Dates
Since the product is chilled and processed through HPP (High Pressure Processing) it naturally preserves your product unopened based on the expiry date. Each expiry date per blend will vary based on our production schedule.  Also your pouches can be frozen for up to 4-6 months after the expiry date. Be sure to consume them within 48 hours of thawing. We do not recommend re-freezing blends that have been thawed.

Shipping Rates
The shipping rate island wide is 10 dollars. Shipping is only available within Singapore at the moment.

We process refunds or issue credit, depending on your preference. This will only be issued if the product was damaged before you’ve received it. Please email us the following information at

1. Order number.
2. Description of damaged product.
3. Condition of product upon delivery.
4. Photograph of product with the corresponding invoice you receive
upon delivery.
5. Date and time product was delivered.

    Shipping Process for Perishable Food
    Since the nature of our product is chilled we take extra precaution to ensure our products are stored correctly. Our products are then packed and transferred to a refrigerated truck the day of delivery. 

    Additional Resources
    If you have any other questions about Taleii please contact us at and we will do our best to respond to you quickly. For other questions please visit our FAQ's page.